Guangdong Provincial Government ordered the local governments give out basic living subsidy for HIV-infected children

According to the recent notice from Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance recently forwarded Civil Affairs, Ministry of Finance of Guangdong Province, children under age 18 with HIV infection in will soon receive monthly basic living subsidy from the local governments to cover their living expenses. The detailed amount shall be referred to specific criteria currently applied to orphans within the province. At the same time, the notice also required the local governments to establish a natural growth mechanism of the amount of the subsidy offered to ensure the living standard of the HIV infected children.

Based on the 2011 standards, orphans welfare agencies give out 1,000 yuan (US$ 160) per person per month as basic living allowance (600 yuan or US$ 96 for those who are adopted), some cities adopt a higher standard. Thus it is expected that the applicable children with HIV infection shall receive no less than 1,000 yuan (US$ 160) per person as monthly basic living expenses.

Source: 南方报业网-南方日报

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