Guangdong and Hong Kong Customs jointly seized the largest ivory smuggling case: four tons of ivory found

largest ivory smuggling case

The Hong Kong Customs and Excise based on the clues provided by the Huangpu Customs seized a smuggling case involving 1883.9 kilograms of smuggling ivory and later caught additional 1927.3 kg smuggling ivory and 1.4 kg ivory products, the total uncovered the smuggling of ivory and ivory products amounted 3812.6 kg. This is the largest ivory smuggling case since the establishment of Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. The authorities estimated that a total value of 170 million yuan (US$ 27.2 million) is involved in this case.

After investigation, smuggling way of the gang is like this: first the smugglers buy ivory in Africa, and then ship the ivory by sea to by hiding them inside beans, waste plastics and other concealed cargo which are imported into Hong Kong; and then they use the motorboat to ship the ivory in batches by sea from Hong Kong to mainland of China for sales. These procedures constitute a complete smuggling chain: “Africa purchases – Hong Kong transit – smuggling by sea- selling in mainland of China”.


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