Grain in Beard (芒种)


Grain in Beard (芒种), refers to the crops mature. Grain in Beard (芒种) is the ninth of the 24 solar terms which is around 5 June each year when the sun reaches the longitude of 75 °.

Bearded means the seeds mature of the barley, wheat and other crops, thus reminds people it is very urgent to rush for the harvest. Summer-sown crops such as millet will be sown around this term, Grain in Beard (芒种) is also known as “Busy Sowing”.

Customs of Grain in Beard (芒种)

Seeing the God of Flowers off

People in China welcome the God of Flowers in the Lunar New Year in February during the Flower Festival. Around the Grain in Beard (芒种) in May, flowers begin to become scattered and yield fruits, thus people in Grain in Beard (芒种) will hold various ceremonies see the Flower God off and expressing gratitude to the Flowers of God.

The mud battle

Along the southeastern Guizhou Province, young men and women during the Grain in Beard (芒种) will hold the mud battle game. Everyone will transplant rice seedlings, a group of good male friends play with a group of female friends. The two groups will be throwing mud at each other. At the end of the event, the one with largest mud on body will be most popular person.


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