Goodbye, My Friend

Goodbye, My Friend 

by Wei, Wang

I dismounted from the horse, and shared the wine with you.

Then I asked where you were leaving for,

You were not content, you said, and would like to go back to the mountain in the south;

Just go my friend, the endless white cloud will bring endless happiness to you.

This famous poem was written by Wei Wang in the Tang Dynasty depicting how he saw his friend off. In the ancient China, knowledgeable people usually chose two very different life: to act as officials in the government or live a simple and peaceful life in the rural  area. This poem actually tells how admirable the author was to the quite and peaceful life that his friend would live.

As for today, when ten of thousands of people are rushing into the cities in China, the over crowded cities actually can not offer success for all new comers. Perhaps a simple life in rural area is enough to most people but they just can’t help to get content. One day, more people would return to the villages, but obviously, not today.

Original poem in Chinese is given as follows:

《送别》 作者:王维




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