Glass-auto-burst device to be installed in 165 BRT bus in Xiamen, falling apart by hand push

Auto-glass-burst device to be installed in 165 BRT bus in Xiamen

After a BRT bus blaze that claimed the lives of 47 people in Xiamen City, the Xiamen Mayor Liu KeQing after watching a demonstration of the glass-auto-burst device in the testing center requested the the auto-glass-burst device to be equipped on the 165 BRT buses in the city as soon as possible.

In test Center, the staff demonstrated the functionality of the auto-glass-burst device. With the button at the driver position being pressed gentely, countless cracks appeared instantly on the four windows of glass fitted with glass-auto-burst device. With an easy push, the entire glass will immediately fall apart. And it will not hurt the safety of passengers.

Source: CNR

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