Giant Network refused the charge of helping the internet fraud

On the evening of March 29, CCTV 2 “economic half-hour” program broadcasted a special report regarding the online banking stolen funds flowing into the Giant Network in the recent years, CCTV’s program survey showed that there is no evidence to prove that the Giants takes the initiative to participate in the network fraud, but on the other hand, the Giants did not take the appropriate means to prevent the incident.


In response to the charge, today the Giant Network releases a statement claiming that: “There are criminals who created Trojan virus and spreading them to the users to control the users’ computers, and use money stolen to buy in the game currency and finally exchanged for cash through multiple transfers. These illegal behaviors have seriously disrupted the normal price in the game system, and caused significant economic losses to the company, thus the Giant Network is also a victim in this case. The company has deployed a lot of manpower to help the police in solving the case, the investigation has already obtained substantial progress.”

The statement does not answer the CCTV’ charge of the company’s negligence of the incidence before the exposure. Considering the fact the money stolen was used to buy in the currency of the games operated by the company but sold out in a cheaper price, similar actions lasted for several years, such obvious interest conflict has made the company’s lack of firmed actions before the official exposure difficult to be accepted and today’s statement vulnerable.

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