Geography: Beijing

Beijing Location

Beijing (北京in Chinese) is the capital city as well as one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the People’s Republic of China. With more than 3,000 years’ history, Beijing is also one of the four major old capital cities in China where political center of the various dynasties was built. Located within Hebei Province in the north China and bordering Tianjin City, Beijing covers 16,410.54 square kilometers with a mountainous area occupying 10,417.5 square kilometers.

Beijing Population

Beijing has a total resident population of 20,693 million (2012). Mandarin is the major language spoken.  

Beijing Climate: Humid hot summers and cold, windy, dry winters

Beijing has a typical humid continental climate in term of humid hot summers and cold, windy, dry winters. While the windy spring mixed with occasional sandstorm is not pleasant to its residents, the autumn is the best season (for sightseeing as well).

Beijing Transportation

Beijing has two  major airports, the Beijing Capital International Airport (IATA: PEK, ICAO: ZBAA) which is the main international airport serving Beijing and Beijing Nanyuan Airport (IATA: NAY, ICAO: ZBNY) which serves as the secondary airport of Beijing.

Other transportation tools also include: railway, metro & bus.

Shanghai Landmark: Tiananmen Square


Beijing Tian’an Men (Door of Peace)

The top five must see places of interest are: the Forbidden City (the Imperial Palace), Tiananmen Square, The Great Wall, Summer Palace or Yi He Yuan in Chinese, Temple of Heaven or Tiantan in Chinese.

Beijing Cuisine: Peking / Beijing Duck



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