Gas station staffs refused to refuel the ambulance, the injured died

On May 24 afternoon, an accident occurred in Badong County, Hubei Province. A farmer Chen Qianjun accidentally fell from the building site resulting in serious injury.

After an emergency rescue in the local hospital, the patient needed to be transferred to the Central Hospital for further rescue. But when the ambulance carrying the patient drove into the sole local gas station, the station workers refused to refuel the ambulance because it was not office hour. Even the daughter knelt down to the gas station staff, it did not help. After more than an hour’s delay, the ambulance came back to the road again. But the patient died when the ambulance just entered into the highway. Relatives of the deceased, said: “If the gas station refueled the ambulance in time, maybe there was still hope.”

The Ambulance driver Jiang said: “If the refueling in the station can be done in a timely manner, the ambulance can reach the Central Hospital before his death because from the place of his death to the hospital, it takes up to 40 minutes only.”

Source: 荆楚网

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