Future of university education questionnaire

Future of university education questionnaire

Please feel free to answer the following questions which are aimed to collect information and perspectives of XXX University students on the future university education questionnaire. Thanks for your assistance and you will remain anonymous.

  1. What’s your gender?

male ○ female

2. What’s your nationality?

Malaysia ○ non-Malaysian such as ________________

3. Your age


4. What’s your major?

International BusinessElectrical and Electronic Engineering

Computer NetworkBusiness Information System


5. What’s your grade in college?




6. Which are the main subjects of study for your degree? Subjects (maximum of 3)


7. Why you attend university education?

Its a fad and inevitable trend

You are aimed to improve yourself via college education

Your family’s requirement

You are fond of the university life

Other­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ________________

8. Please indicate the number of students (head count) undertaking full- and part-time studies at your class.

Less than 15

Less than 25

Less than 35

Less than 45

More than 55

9. What modes of course delivery would you find most useful/accessible from university education?

Full-timePart-time Short course

One-day event On-line/distance learning

Other ______________

10. How do you believe undertaking these courses would contribute to your development as college student?


11. How would you characterize the structure for public university education in your own country? Please mark one only.

Consolidated governing board for all institutions

Consolidated governing board for all senior institutions and a separate board for junior/

Community colleges

Regulatory board with program approval authority


12. What is the current objective of university education in your opinion? (Please mark all that apply.)

Increasing accountability to public

Increasing fiscal responsibility

Improving teaching

Improving student learning

Promoting planning on campuses

Improving academic program efficiency

Reducing academic program duplication

Other: _______________________

13. You have sufficient information about how to pursue the degree I want to:

Agree ○ Disagree

14. You believe in the future it is also important for people to improve your chances of getting a better job if they go for university education:

Agree    Disagree Other: _______________________

15. You believe the curriculum for the future university education will be more broad and diverse.

Agree    Disagree Other: _______________________

16. Do you agree the idea that quality higher education in the future will require a sufficient investment in excellent faculty who has the academic freedom, terms of employment, and institutional support needed to do state of the art professional work?

Agree    Disagree Other: _______________________

17. How can university improve their education in the future? (Please mark all that apply.)

Improve the class participation via reward or other kinds of means

Improve the intensity university collaboration

Focus more on individual coursework


18. How do you think about the development towards the future of university education and why?

19. What specific development areas do you think the future university education will involve in and why?

20. Do you have some expectations or suggestions for the future of university educations some as the quality of education facility, the assistant tools or equipment for future education and so on?

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