Full open decision-making mode in Sichuan Province to be tested

Starting this year, Sichuan Province, municipalities, county government and provincial government departments will come up with a certain number of decisions involving public interest matters to be made under an open decision-making by involving the public participation.
This policy is mentioned by the just issued “Sichuan Provincial People’s Government work arrangements in 2013”, it is expected to break the closed-door decision-making practices in the past. “In the past, we talked about open government information, emphasizing more public results, but there is no specific requirement of beginning any detailed process.” Sichuan Provincial Government, the Legislative Affairs Office Director Zhang Yu Tian said to the China Youth Daily reporter, “this new open decision-making mode will require both process and results to be all-round open. ”
The “Working arrangement” clearly stipulates that cities (prefectures) and counties (cities, districts) should have no less than five key decisions to be made under such mode.

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