French to prosecute perpetrators for attacking Chinese students

On last Saturday the French government arrested three perpetrators for attacking Chinese students in the Bordeaux region and raised prosecution against them. Both Paris and Beijing have condemned on the violence. The perpetrators aged from 19 to 20 in a drunken state committed violent attacks on Chinese students. After the violence the perpetrators were detained.

The three perpetrators on Saturday morning in a town 50 km from Bordeaux attacked the Chinese students. The violent attacks caused severe wound over a Chinese girl’s face (by fragments of bottles). This girl had been taken to hospital and later accepted surgery.

France condemned the incident as xenophobic behavior and damaged the country’s reputation. Chinese Embassy in France also strongly condemned the attacks and called on the French authorities to ensure the safety of Chinese citizens in France. In recent months Chinese tourists frequently met with theft cases in France, the growing violence cases concern the Chinese side a lot.

Source: 人民网

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