No free online music since June 5th in China

musci charge

Photo Source: 21CN音乐(21CN Music)

Yesterday, in a phone release conference the music network ( COO, Wang Xiaowei, said from June 5 onwards, online music platforms including, Baidu music, QQ music, Kugou music and other famous music sites will provide chargeable music download service with a trial transitional period of two months.

As early as last year, there had been rumors that the Chinese online music industry will enter into an era respecting the copyright and the free online music era will end. Earlier this year, the famous musician Gao Xiaosong said: “beginning with July 1, we will move towards and welcome the genuine music with copyright as online music downloading will be chargeable. A good musician can finally rely on music for a living.”

Source: 每日商报-杭州网

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