France requested to hold European meeting in response to sanctions imposed by China

On 5 June, China announced the anti-dumping and countervailing investigation against the wine products imported from EU. In response to this French government spokesman said on Wednesday that French President Hollande asked the European Commission to convene a meeting of EU leaders to discuss the escalating of the China-EU trade disputes. EU officials denied the existence of dumping of wine products.

Based on the data released by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the EU wine exports to China are mostly from France, Spain, Italy and Germany, among which French exports accounted for over fifty percentage of the total Chinese imports of wines.

Previous, EU’s decision to impose anti-dumping tax against the Chinese PV products was allegedly agreed by France, Italy and Spain. Some analysts thus believe that the Chinese anti-dumping and countervailing investigation against the imported wines from EU has obvious intention. As France’s largest wine producer, Bordeaux wine business is also particularly concerned about case. Foreign media quoted Bordeaux winemaker federation chairman Alan Sichel as saying that the local wine companies will watch the case closely.

Source: 新京报

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