Foxconn International changed its name: May due to the wish to remove the curse of employee jumping

foxconn name change

On May 31, Foxconn International Holdings Limited Group officially announced a name change to FIH Mobile Limited (The Chinese company name is changed from 富士康国际控股有限集团 to 富智康集团有限公司). Foxconn International is a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology, its main business is mobile phone OEM. It is reported that the name change obtained unanimous consent of the shareholders, but is still pending for the approval from the Cayman Islands Registrar.

However, some metaphysicians said the name change of Foxconn International is to remove a curse contained in its name. Since the middle word of 富士康 is pronounced as similar to “death”, the group may want to stop the jumping incidents which is like a curse on the group.


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