Foreign Ministry: China will communicate with the U.S. regarding the US computer hacking aimed at China

Foreign Ministry's regular press conference

Q: According to media reports, the United States has been hacking the computers in China but at the same time accused China of hacking the United States network. How China plans to deal with the case?

A: China has repeatedly claimed that China is one of the countries suffering the most serious cyber attacks; China is firmly opposed to all forms of hacker attacks. We believe that war and hegemony are not needed in cyberspace, but the rules and cooperation.

China attaches great importance to network security issues. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office has set up the network office to coordinate the diplomatic activities in relate to internet affairs. We will cooperate with relevant parties to continue to develop constructively dialogue and cooperation on the issue of network security.

We advocate to enact the relevant international rules within the framework of the United Nations and put forward specific initiatives. We hope the authorities concerned to take effective actions to improve mutual trust and cooperation to jointly safeguard peace and security in cyberspace.

Network working group has been set up under the Sino-US strategic security dialogue framework, China will seek in-depth communication with the U.S under the framework over the relevant issues.

Source: China Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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