Foreign Ministry: 14.2 million computers controlled by hackers in 2012 in China

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying at a recent regular press conference said that since Internet was formally introduced in 1994 in China, after ten years of rapid development, Internet has become China’s important social infrastructure, playing an important role in promoting economic and social development. However, the Chinese Internet has always confronted with hacker attacks, network viruses and other illegal and criminal activities.

According to statistics, the number of computer hosts under attacks by foreign hackers reached 14.2 million units. The computers under attacks not only covered a large number of Internet users, but also involved government sectors including finance, transportation, energy and other sectors. Serious harms were caused to China’s economic development and people’s normal economic activities and daily life. It can be said that China is one of the countries suffering the most serious cyber attacks. Therefore, the Chinese government attaches great importance to network security issues, opposes any form of network attacks, and has formulated relevant laws and regulations expressly prohibiting the hacking activities.

Huachun Ying said that China has always claimed that network security is a global issue, countries in cyberspace shall not struggle, but to enhance rules making and cooperation. China has always advocated building a peaceful, secure, open, cooperative cyberspace within the UN framework and advocates the development of relevant international rules, and put forward specific initiatives. China hopes that the parties concerned to stop the irresponsible attacks and accusations on China.

Source: Xinhua Net

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