Influenza vaccination in China

 Influenza Vaccination in China(感冒疫苗)

Flu is an expiratory and infectious illness that can be academic with wide coverage. In comparison with cold, flu is more serious, infectious and cannot be cured through taking antibiotic medications. Flu is preventative and it is believed that injection of flu vaccine is the most effective way. In China, as the major outbreaks of flu usually happen in autumn and Spring (in particular in the northern part of China), flu vaccine injection services in hospitals starts annually around September and ends in April of the next year. The normal price of flu vaccine ranges from RMB 40-80 ($6.4 – 12.8) per person in China varying from areas to areas. Imported flu vaccines tend to be more expensive than those made in China. Flu vaccines made in China consist of almost the same components as imported ones according to the WHO recommendations. Thus both vaccines are safe. Major hospitals in China will provide chargeable flu vaccine injection service according to the government policies. The antibody will be generated within 2 weeks after injection and provide one year’s protection reducing on average 80% of the hospitalization cases caused by flu.

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