A fleeing murder became a welcomed University professor, arrested after 16 years

A running murder became a welcomed University professor

On 17 May, Guiyang police arrested a murder suspect who had been fleeing for 16 years. The police was surprised to learn the man had become a celebrity in the planning design community, visiting professor at University of Guizhou and other several colleges holding marketing planning and other subjects with he was considered as eloquent. His classes were usually filled with hundreds of students. He also served as Dean of the Planning Institute of Guizhou. A few days ago, the victim’s brother recognized him and reported to the police.
During his 16-year running, he changed himself completely. During the trial days ago, he firmly denied having killed a man, but a police man suddenly shouted his real name, he was surprised and lifted his head, then almost immediately he raised his hands and said “I surrender, I killed a man”. Then he admitted that on June 1, 1997, he led the two security guards and committed the crimes and since then began a long running of 16 years.

Before being apprehended by the police, the man was even promoted to director of the planning researchers, Sub-Dean of China Planning Institute of Guizhou, executive director of the China Productivity Association, the permanent member of the Guizhou International Domestic International Relations Association and ect. He won the title of China’s 100 most influential marketing planning persons. Those who worked with the suspect said “He had immense talent in the field of planning.”

Source: China.com.cn

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