Farmer used highly toxic pesticide to grow ginger: the ginger will not be consumed by themselves

It’s recently reported that in Weifang, Shandong Province, some ginger farmers were using Shen NongDan, the main component of which is a highly toxic pesticide called aldicarb. 50 mg of aldicarb can cause death of a 50-kg person, and it can not be directly used for vegetables and fruits. Aldicarb also has a feature that can be fully absorbed by any part of the plant.

Some Weifang local ginger farmers said that if they did not use the Shen NongDan, the yields of ginger will cut half because of the pest. Recently, the reporter found in Weifang that some farmers used the highly toxic pesticide to grow ginger without hiding. And the local farmers did not eat any of the ginger they grew because they were well known of harm of the pesticide.

In 2010, media reported that 13 people in Anhui suffered acute poisoning after having cucumbers for which Shen NongDan had been applied. Last night, Dong Jinshi, Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association, told the Beijing News reporter that consumers worrying about Shen Dan residue, can put the ginger into specialized solvent soak for half an hour to reduce toxicity.

Now the case has been followed by the police, and it is again astonished for people to learn that they need to pay extra attention to any food.

Source: CCTV, 新京报

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