Families of the five girls victims insisted on defloration (virginity damage): Refused the re-check results

In response to the conclusion made by the Hainan Wanning official yesterday morning that the four girls’ virginity had not been damaged indicating that no sex behaviors happened in the case involving a primary school principal and a government official took 6 girls to hotel and slept with them. The five girls’ parents said yesterday that earlier on 10th May they learned from forensic or police that their daughters’ virginity had been damaged. Wanning Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department staff said that the checking results had been submitted for Public Security Bureau review before a final conclusion could be made. Late last night, Wanning police said authorization request had been submitted to arrest the two suspects on suspicion of child molestation.

Wang Qian and his wife, parent of one of the girls, said on the 10th May, he and other parents went to Wanning City People’s Hospital for check-ups for children, forensic told him their daughter’s virginity had been damaged. Around 23 o’clock on the 13th, he received a police phone to re-do the check, “My wife and daughter went in the room for checking together, my wife said there were the provincial forensic and Wanning Doctors, but Wanning Doctors were mainly the ones carrying out the checking. ” A doctor recognized my wife, said my daughter’s hymen was broken, but another doctor pushed away the doctor and said my daughter’s hymen did not break, my wife did not sign on the examination results”.

Source: 京华时报

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