Families’ desire to see the young generation getting married during CNY

Families’ desire to see the young generation getting married during CNY


The Chinese Movie named “If you are the one”  best describes the thinking of the new generation to marriage in China: “I am waiting for the one, compromising is never an option”.

Despite the enthusiasm because of the long awaited family reunion in the Chinese New Year, many youngsters are not having an easy and happy New Year because of the families’ desire to see the young generation getting married.

According to a questionnaire done by a news paper in Hubei Province that surveyed more than 300 people, 36 per cent of the respondents suggested that they had been “questioned” by their parents or other families or relatives in respect of when they will get married.

This long existing custom of questioning the children’ marriage has become one of the major social phenomenon and challenges in the modern China. In the traditional Chinese society where the parents live their young age, marriage was arranged at their early 20s under their own parents’ control. But with the deepening of the economic reform, the young generations are growing up with exposure to the in-depth influence of the free-marriage thinking. Thus the conflict between the old and new thinking has resulted in the current dilemma.

Two additional factors have contributed to this social issue:  on one hand with more and more students taking up higher education, the marriage age is postponed accordingly; on the other hand, stressful working life and high cost of living in major cities also plays its role in causing late marriage as many choose to wait to find a better one to live a decent life.


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