Fake food raised public criticism again: Fake mutton made from rat meat, fox meat and others

Recently the Ministry of Public Security cracked a food safety criminal case in which raw meats from fox, mink, rats and other animals were used to make fake mutton, leading to public criticism. Through investigation by the Jiangsu Wuxi Public Security, a large fake mutton manufacturing and selling point was found in the case the problematic meat had run into a market in Shanghai.

Among the industrial insiders, “fake mutton” has long been an open secret. A wholesale merchant from the Xinpin market revealed that due to the recent social concern, many wholesalers now dared not sell the “mixed meatloaf” which cost just half of the normal price, the price of the worst meat is as low as 7 yuan (USD 1). Most of them are made from the duck meat and oil of tail of sheet. “For the expensive lamb, there could be some mutton mixed with other meat; for those cheap mutton, there is basically no mutton contained, only the smell is similar to the real ones.” said the wholesale merchant.

Source: 解放网-解放日报

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