Factory worker exposed production photos for iPhone 5C


When we first saw this photo filled with iPhone 5C, the first reaction is that these are cheap imitations, it is usual to see similar images since the business of bootleg versions mobile phone in China is really huge. But after detailed checking over the news sources, we found that this picture should be taken from the Pegatron plant in Shanghai, which is consistent with a recently published report from Apple in the “China Labor Watch”.

According to micro blog account information of the post author, the author was likely to join the Pegatron plant in Shanghai around mid-July this year, and she worked in the quality control department. But now she has left the factory. Also based on the previous comments, she also hinted that Pegatron plant in Shanghai is also responsible for the production of the latest Mac mini desktop computer.

Only from such a static picture, it is hard to see the work scope of the author. By far, the most credible speculation is that the author was doing production quality control to ensure that product features are equipped before they are delivered to the users. Also what we are particularly curious about is how the post author took this photo under the heavily guarded environment.

Anyway, this picture seems to support the previous rumors that the cheap version of Apple’s iPhone 5C is most likely to be officially released in September of this year, but from view of the whistleblower, the evaluation for the Apple’s iPhone 5C is really not high. She believed that Apple’s iPhone 5C has no major differences compared with bootleg versions mobile phones in appearance. Although this evaluation is not too high, but it is still believed that Apple’s coming conference will continue to be the focus of the smart phone industry. And obviously, another mystery which attracts a lot of speculations is how much the price for the coming Apple’s iPhone 5C, some believed that Apple’s iPhone 5C will be priced at around US$ 300 (RMB 1,999) with no contract bound in China, and this price shall be even lowered in developed countries based on the past experience (how silly this could be while all iPhones are made in China?!).

Source: Tencent Technology

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