Experts: Collagen protein is not high-quality protein

Collagen protein china

Studies have found that the aging of the skin is closely related to collagen loss. In recent years, as a health and beauty product, collagen products emerge on the market. The popularity of the collagen products is based on an old thinking we will get what we eat (吃什么补什么).

A hospital physician, director of nutrition, said after entering into the human digestive tract, collagen will be gradually broken down and finally all been restored into amino acids, thus it is the same with other proteins. “Excessive consumption may bring burden to the kidneys and other organs of the body.” He admitted, “Objectively speaking, collagen is actually an incomplete protein, which is no better than the animal protein that we usually get lean animal meat.”

Dietitian Wang XingGuo expressed that eating collagen does not directly increase the body’s collagen synthesis, “there is no evidence of collagen nutrition as better than eggs, soybeans and other common food proteins.”

A nutritionist of anonymity also reminded that “If collagen products contained other ingredients such as hormones, customers would have to be careful. Although it may improve the skin to some extent, but it may also increase the risk of getting other diseases.”

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  1. collagen products may help increasing the % of collagen in the body depending on their respective ingredients of course. whether we need a collagen intake or not, it is a long discussion frankly.

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