Expert: China needs over 20 years to eliminate serious haze weather

The International Institute of Low-carbon Economy released the “2013 Development Report of Low-carbon Economy in China” on May 24 through the Social Science Documentation Publishing House in Beijing as well as for the first time through the High-Tech Expo platform. The two main editors believed that China’s future environment may continue to deteriorate, and it may need 20-30 years to fundamentally solve the environmental problems, eliminate haze weather and bring back the blue sky.

The two editors, Chinese Foreign Trade University Vice-Principal, International Institute of Low-carbon Economy, ZhaoZhongXiu and Japanese Nagoya University, Professor Xue Jinjun applied the environmental Kuznets curve and the experience of the developed countries to analyze China’s environmental problems; they pointed put that empirically no country in the world can avoid the “treatment after pollution” which is an old and painful lesson; but unfortunately, China failed to avoid the pitfalls, and even go farther as a more serious, broader and more long-term environmental pollution is being produced. China is a developing country with 1.3 billion people, the just over 50% of the urbanization rate, up to 50% of the proportion of secondary industry in the national economy, export-led growth model and coal-dominated energy structure all contribute to the huge environmental challenges that China must spend at least two decades to resolve.


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