Every minute of six people are diagnosed with cancer, experts said 60 percent cases can be avoided

Authoritative data show that the number annual new cancer case in China is about 3.12 million, and more than 2 million deaths due to cancer. Banyuetan Reporters learned cancer patients in China now showed the trend of “younger” as well as “aging”, and there is a new trend of polarization of lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and other illnesses.

“Every one minute six people are diagnosed with cancer.”

At early 2013, the National Cancer Registry Center released the latest version of the “2012 Annual Report of Cancer Registration in China” which shows that new cancer cases in China each year is about 3,120,000 with more than 2 million deaths linked to cancer, which means that every one minute six people are diagnosed with cancer.

Peking University Cancer Hospital and Beijing Institute for Cancer Research released “1995-2010 Beijing Cancer Incidence Report” which showed that since 2007, cancer had been for four years ranking first in Beijing as reason of resident death. In 2010, among 4 deaths in Beijing one died of cancer.

60% of cancers can be avoided

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital and the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer jointly analyzed the Chinese population cancers attribution. This latest authoritative study found that cancer-related behavioral and environmental risk factors include chronic infections, smoking, alcohol consumption and other aspects. The study also suggested that approximately 60% of the Chinese cancer cases can be avoided.

Source: ChinaNews

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