“Equality in education is the best thing our country has done in past five years”

“Equality in education is the best thing our country has done in past five years”, Minister of Education Yuan Guiren said in an interview in the morning of the 15th March. Yuan Guiren also spoke highly of the development of education in the past five years. According to reports, the education department constantly promoted the coordinated development of the east and west, implemented a number of major projects on rural care efforts for students from poor families and students with disabilities. “Each year, we spent nearly RMB100 billion funding to assist 80 million students with financial difficulties, it can be said that in the history of China, even compared with the developed countries, China is doing the best”, Yuan Guiren said.

While the country has been doing a good job in term of education development in the past decade which is widely accepted, there are also problems together with the explosion of student group. Many college graduates enter into unemployment immediately after graduation and they struggle to live in the cities like insets and doing the jobs that offer them the lowest income just enough to make the ends meet. With the rapid urbanization, the villages become empty and land deserted and thus refuse the return of the students born in the rural ares. In the coming five years, we look for education quality improvement instead of growth of number of the students.

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