An elevator fall from 16 floors in Shenzhen killing a nurse: Wrong lubricant was adopted

An elevator fall from 16 floors in Shenzhen
On the morning of May 15, an elevator fall accident occurred in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. A nurse in the elevator was killed. It was reported that the elevator fell from 16 floor to -1 floor killing the nurse on site.

On afternoon of 17 May, the Shenzhen Police Director Zhang Shaobiao briefed reporters on the latest developments, based on the investigation and preliminary findings, improper lubricant for lubrication was applied on the elevator of the accident resulting in the brake drum not working smoothly which as a very dangerous state.

Vice Dean of Special Equipment Safety Inspection and Research Institute in Shenzhen, Bao Xianhua further explained that the oil adopted during maintenance was liquid lubricants which easily flew down into the elevator brake pads resulting in system power down, once the elevator was full or overloaded, there will be the “slide car” phenomenon. In accordance with the normal operation, the maintenance men should use solid grease.

According to the survey, the SP-VF model Mitsubishi brand elevator was made in 1992, registered for use in 1994, under maintenance by Wei Da (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. An elevator maintenance operation had been carried out three days before the accident.

Source: 羊城晚报

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