Dream of White Snake: Interpretations in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Discovering the meanings to various dreams has become an interesting topic to more and more people. What is the dream meaning, dream symbols and dream interpretation of dreams about White Snake? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

Dream of a white snake is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will be able to make a fortune.

Dream of being bitten by a white snake indicates that the dreamer may become rich.

Dream about a harmless white snake is a typical sign foretelling good luck in making money and creating fortune. It can also foretell pregnancy which can be coming presently.

Dream about encountering black snakes and white snakes at the same time is a sign of uncertainty suggesting that the dreamer may need assistance or guidance in handling some issues.

For a married woman’s to dream of holding a white snake in arm indicates that the dreamer may conceive a baby girl.
white snake in a dream
Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called Zhougong after a popular book Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

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  1. Hello..I dreamt of this white python shedding its skin and then standing upright and I’m standing looking at it. It did not attack. What could it mean?

  2. Hi, 2 days back i saw a very big White snake in my dream and the snake was sleeping peacefully and suddenly i saw and was very scared,and later on in the night the snake wakeup and me and my friends were walking down to the road and ,i was trying to hide behind my friend and the snake flew and suck me on my neck so hardly and i cnt even do anything
    Im just sitting down and one guy was puling hardly and trying to remove from my neck and finally he remove..and on the same dream i saw the white snake again sleeping peacefully in my room.
    What does it means please..i was so worried..Plz!

  3. Hello, I was crossing an ancient hall in my dream, there were snakes sleeping everywhere, some were giant and some were normal, there were all types of snakes, some white giant snakes were also there, they were very big, I was like a mouse in front of them, white snakes were very beautiful and shining and sleeping peacefully I was amazed to see them sleeping in such a peace, the dream was peaceful i didn’t frightened, in fact I loved that dream, anacondas, other pythons, vipers and cobras and every other, the white snake was a python, can you interpret this dream for me? Thank you …

  4. Hello, I had a dream that I was walking through some beautiful well manicured grass and I was wearing all white shoes and all, then I began to walk up a small hill of grass and I saw this beautiful white 2 story home in front of me. I noticed that there was a White SUV (CHEVY TAHOE) backed in front of the garage in a very nice sub division. While all this was going on I noticed I was walking and talking with somebody during this time. After I reached the top part of the hill I noticed MANY white snakes… They seemed to be so many that they were braided together, I didn’t feel afraid or anything but I felt good so I began to walk on top of the snakes and they never tried to bite me. As I got to the front door of the home the snakes kinda dropped me off there where I entered the house as if it was mine. The door nob was locked and very stiff but as soon as I turned it the door opened. Inside everything was snow white and beautiful. I went in to the kitchen first and washed my hands and for some reason I began to walk around and noticed that everything was my taste and I felt very comfortable with my surroundings then I woke up…

  5. Hi i am very frightened of the snakes. I just had a dream that a huge white snake was chasing me. Even ehen i ran into my neighbour’ house where tgere were a lot of people it continued to look for me until they chased it away. When i saw it sliding away it turned into a white four legged animal. I walked out of my neighbour s yard and it looked back and suddenly it came rushing back to me and cornered me i knelt in front of it as if having a conversation with it and as if it was listening to me, i held it’s jaws together to avoid a bite while i was praising it to calm it down.

  6. Hi, my dad told me that he dreamed a white snake was in my room with me while it’s worshipping me and I looked scared and called for help. He was tried to pulling me out from my room and the white snake tried to pull me closer but it hit one of my legs and I fell down and got injured. Then, my dad took me to the living room and applied ointment to my injured leg. While the other snake, which it is black in color, just stood there beside the white snake quietly in my room. Any idea of what this means ?

    1. Hi Jessie, to dream about black snake and white snake is believed to be a herald of uncertainty, you may need advice or guidance in handling certain issues or making a key decision. Thanks!

  7. Hello i had a dream of a white snake in my room i dont know from where it suddenly appeared. It was in a box n suddenly started to cum out of the box smiling at me. Bt i was scared my mom was with me n there was one unknown guy i hv never seen before,my mom then caught the snake n tppk it out of my room calling my dad then my mom n dad together made the snake crawl out of the window of my room, the snake crawled out of the house from there,after reaching the end where our house ends, when the snake could no longer crawl it flew off, this new guy n me whrre standing there, i was very scared n that guy was consoling me saying that he has seen the snake fly away from our home n there was nothing more to fear.
    Can u please interpret this dream for me i am v.scared as to what it means, i am already having a little conflict with my husband is it anywhere linked?

    1. Hi, this seems to be a good dream since the white snake was friendly and even smiling at you; what’s more, this is also change this is a pregnancy-related dream. Thanks!

  8. Dreamed I stepped on a white snake and when it tried to bite I screamed for help but no one helped me. What could this mean?

    1. Hi, to dream of being bitten by a white snake regardless of your immediate responses indicates that the you may enjoy good luck for wealth, thanks!

  9. Hello, My dream was of a huge white snake. The white snake was standing, but it was wrapped around its self. I saw the snake like in a grocery isle. I left cuz I got scared. went to the next isle. and there it was. standing in the same position as before. I ran to call the manager and the store manager was talking to this friendly shopper. Well, when the store manager came to see the huge white snake. the snake had disappeared. so when we went to the front of the store. we saw the snake again. but this time It was slithering to the friendly lady at the grocery store. the snake was on grass and on the lady’s front porch. even her little dog was afraid of this snake. I don’t know what this dream means. Thank you for your time. :)

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Since it is about a white snake, it is generally a good dream foretelling good luck for wealth ; but the fact that the snake stands in your way hints that you may have an argument with someone else. Thanks!

  10. hi i had a dream about a 3 or 4 white snakes chasing me a few weeks ago but the didnt bite me they chased me and i fell over and they sat at my feat just kinda looking at me i remember this dream vividly because it was strange. i also experienced a similar dream moments ago where me and my sister were fighting and then 5 or 6 of them came out of the bushes and once again i fell over told my sister to run and they just sat at my feat just staring at me…….any idea what this could mean

    1. Hi Jacob, dream about white snakes is usually a good omen foretelling good luck; regarding your being chased by snakes in the dream, it seems to be signal that you may lack a sense of security or feel anxious in real life. Thanks!

  11. i have a dream of a white snake chased me then bite my left finger then i shout my niece for some help then she kill the white snake what is the meaning of my dream

  12. I have a dream of a little white pretty snake but we was looking for it in my dream and couldn’t find it but it’s did bit me after before we start to look for it

  13. Hi, My wife had this dream about a white snake biting my foot heel and around my body. in her dream, together we were able to kill the snake.
    after a while in the same dream she saw a white snake aroud her sister which we were unable to kill. What does this mean?

    1. Hi Jaga, this seems to be a pregnancy-related dream; even it is not, it is likely to be a sign foretelling wealth and richness, thanks!

  14. Hi, I had a dream I was walking somewhere with my boyfriend and all of a sudden two huge white snakes came towards us and surrounded each of us as if protecting us from the other people around us. Neither of us were harmed but the white snakes then transformed into two white huskies (it seemed like). What could this mean?

    1. Hi Diana, this is a possible conception dream foretelling the conception or birth of a child; even it is not, this is still an auspicious dream. Thanks!

  15. Hello,
    Thank you for assistance with these types of dreams. I had a recent dream where I was walking outside and I noticed there were snakes around in different places. They were mostly large with brown or red stripes but not close or threatening in manner. I’m walking on either sand or earth and suddenly there was a large white snake in front of me, but protecting me from 2 other snakes (that were not white (greenish or earth colored)). I was just watching all three snakes in front of me bite each other (like squabbling but not harming), but as an observer and not really afraid as I felt the white snake was bigger and protecting me. Then I woke up. I wonder, does this dream indicate I’m not cautious enough? Or perhaps it indicates worthy faith? Thanks!

    1. Hi, telling from the fight involving 3 snakes it seems that you may have some choices to make. But as the white snake which is a symbol of good fortune stands by your side, perhaps you will have higher chance to make the right decision. Hope this helps, thanks!

  16. I dreamed I stepped into a shallow pool or fountain, I did this because I thought it would be the most convenient way to get across , as soon as both of my feet were in the water I saw hundreds of various speceis of venomous snakes of all different colors and patterns swimming around me and I got very scared, more so when I saw a giant albino python swimming straight for me looking at me intently, I sensed that it were about to strike me, I imagined what would happen if it did with is huge fangs and body that could coil around me and crush my own, so I struck it first grabbing its head and squeezing tight on its jaws..this stunned it long enough for me to step out of the pool and escape the other snakes… I then threw it back into the pool with the others and met with a group of friends to tell of my adventure… the albino snake and myself escaped unharmed, can you translate my dream for me, I sense a deeper subconscious meaning there

    1. Hi Hillary, after checking it’s believed that dream about a lot of different snakes can be a symbol suggesting that the dreamer may be entangled with something or someone, and feel confused. Thanks!

  17. towards morning i had a dream of white snake. in dream i was having tough time clamming up the hill where there is every narrow path. i was walking at first and leading some of my friends. all of sudden i encountered with very long black snake and i warned my friends at the back and i run up the hill to clam up to one tree. there again two very beautiful white snake chasing me by clamming up to tree where i clammed. after a while that snake are talking to each other saying that i must be scared so lets leave. then they are gone.
    i’m just curious what my dream tells me. please interprete it for me.

    thank you.

    1. Hi Zangmo, it is believed that dreaming about black snakes and white snakes is a sign of uncertainty suggesting that you may need assistance or guidance in some issues. Thanks!

  18. Hi.
    I had a dream about an adventure in the ancient Mayan jungle (which I love to play a game which features the Mayan jungle when I was young). With sights of few types of weird animal which i do not remember, then I ran into this sleeping small beautiful white snake in a broken clay pot filled with water and the white skin is having very tidy teal coloured nice pattern on its skin. Got excited seeing such a beautiful thing, so patiently I watched it from aside while getting closer to it. It got up realising I’m getting closer and I got a bit scared. But anyhow it get back to sleep like it had just saw an ally coming near.

  19. I meditated for ten days at a meditation center recently. Before meditation I vowed to practice properly this time as it is my third time and I vowed to particularly share the merits to my parents who have passed away. During the ten days, I saw two white snakes facing me in my dreams. I never knew there are white colored snakes in real. After breaking the ten-day course we can talk to one other and I am told that seeing a snake in dreams or outside is “luck”.
    This coincides with your interpretation and the other one interpret as “elders” –so I take my dream as a good omen –that my good deeds (merits) were received by my parents and doing good will bring luck (though I do not expect anything like “luck” –out of my dreams. Thanks for your dream interpretations.

  20. I had dream about going up the moutains. With my family and me and my two sisters went swiming on a river. And then they wanted go up strim then the river split into two parts. So i toll my sister we should go back because our parents would be worried. Then we went back. There sitting on a rock was a beautiful white snake with blue eyes. Therefor it went into the water and i got scared and tolled my sisters to get of the water and then i was trying to get of the water and i couldnt and the snake was swimg between my legs . I was really scared. Then i got off i was relief but the snake got off the water and we run util i fell down the snake bit me but didnt want to harm me. Then i stand up and started running toward a small store where my parents where buying food and i toll my mom want happened and she said that the snake wound harm you. Form there the snake went in to the store staring to look for me. Still i was panicing and guy grap the snake and kill it. So i was wondering what does my dream mean?

    1. Hi Dian,

      As per double check of the dictionary, dream of getting bites by a white snake is actually an auspicious sign suggesting that the you will have good luck for wealth. The fact that you tried to run away and get help is just some kind of normal reaction any would have after getting terrified in similar dreams. There is no need to worry about it too much.

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