Dream of White Snake: Interpretations in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Discovering the meanings to various dreams has become an interesting topic to more and more people. What is the dream meaning, dream symbols and dream interpretation of dreams about White Snake? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

Dream of a white snake is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will be able to make a fortune.

Dream of being bitten by a white snake indicates that the dreamer may become rich.

Dream about a harmless white snake is a typical sign foretelling good luck in making money and creating fortune. It can also foretell pregnancy which can be coming presently.

Dream about encountering black snakes and white snakes at the same time is a sign of uncertainty suggesting that the dreamer may need assistance or guidance in handling some issues.

For a married woman’s to dream of holding a white snake in arm indicates that the dreamer may conceive a baby girl.
white snake in a dream
Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called Zhougong after a popular book Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

42 thoughts on “Dream of White Snake: Interpretations in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary”

  1. Hello,
    My dream was about a white snake with lots of bright shiny gold patterns, about 500mm long, slim, long like a really expensive and delicate bracelet.
    All I thought was I needed to be gentle, and as it escaoed or left my grasp, and moving away towards the wall, I feared it’ll vanish and I wont be able to find it again – it was bright white with beautiful bright gold adornments. When I picked it up, no fear or bad emotion, just care and tender movents, it bit me multiple times, at least about 6. No pain or fear, or sensation, I just knew I needed to hold it carefully and with respect because it was so beautiful and unique.

  2. I dreamt about a long white snake, but didn’t really interfere with me. I was on 3rd floor and could see it moving fast on ground then it went to the wall of the neighbouring house about 4metres away then into a big window. What does that mean

  3. I saw two newborn white snakes and kill both . I don’t clearly remember if I see other black snakes cuz it’s just a blur but I’m sure I killed the white two snakes
    Please respond, Thanks!

  4. i dream of a white baby snake as my pet. i got bitten but it didnt hurt. it sheds off its skin, gave me one tiny white egg and left. But i said to my dream that it always happen, and soon my pet will come back again.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response. Dream about getting bitten by a white snake is a typical sign foretelling good luck in making money and fortune creation. Hope this helps, thanks!

  5. Hello.yesterday I dream of a white snake coming towards me slowly and stopped at distance without hurting me. What this dream is indicating me.please response. Thanks.

    1. Hi, a harmless white snake is a typical sign foretelling good luck in making money and creating fortune. It can also foretell pregnancy coming presently, thanks!

  6. Hai I got a dream about the baby White snake being just born. Within fraction of second it become like 30 feet length and I was so surprised. Coming to me I was with my grandmother standing near a temple. It was searching for me.,as my dad told to go home before it bites me, but before I leave it came in search of me. Me and my grandmother was standing like Statue before the long white snake so that I felt it won’t bite. As it was the time to see the snake I shaked my body it came near me and bite my foot. And it bite my grandma foot too. It went came back bite me again. What will be the indication be.? Please do responce

    1. Hi, since you were bitten by a white snake in your dream, it is definitely a good sign foretelling good luck in making money and creating fortune. Thanks!

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