Dream About The Deceased In Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Dreaming of the deceased father’s coming back to life symbolises possible debates among family members.

Dreaming of the deceased friend is representative of material difficulties such as financial loss.

Dreaming of a deceased person’s walking out from the coffin means that an old friend (who had not been in contact with for a long time) of you may meet you in a sudden.

Dreaming of speaking with the deceased people indicates that your small dreams will come true, and there will also be good news about the ongoing plans.

Dreaming of a deceased person’s weeping indicates that everything will not go smoothly lately, and any desire can not be fulfilled.

Dreaming the deceased people’s entering home hints that lucky things will be approaching.

Dreaming of holding someone’s body is a good omen indicating good fortune in making money; in case of holding rotten body, it hints even more prosperous career or business.

Dreaming of holding a skull means that the dreamer will be the subject to slander or fraud .

Dreaming of the death of your own means continual growth of personal property and everything will go smoothly.

Dreaming of the death of someone around you (but he or she is alive in real life) hints that you will have good fortune in making money.

Dreaming of the funeral means that money / wealth will be given out (However, it will be a good omen in case of dreaming of your own funeral).

Dreaming of cremation means that good things will be coming.

Dreaming of attending funeral or memorials of the deceased means that you or one of your close families may get pregnant.

ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In Chinese culture, dreams are usually linked to a virtual person named ZhouGong after a popular book under the title ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book believes that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams imply the dreamer’s health and mental status as well as the things that are going to happen.

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