Dream of Red Snake In ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

Dream of red snake foretells the approaching of happy events.

Dream about red snakes crawling on you means that you will be blessed with a child.

Dream of killing a snake is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will conquer the enemy.

For a single person to dream of red snakes, indicates that the dreamer will get married soon.

For a married person to dream of red snakes, suggests that the dreamer’s children would enjoy happiness.

For a patient to dream of red snakes, implies that the dreamer will soon be restored to health.

ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called ZhouGong after a popular book ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

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  1. This morning before day I had a dream of a red snake all it wanted to do was play it would roll over stand up and follow me . What do that means

  2. I dreamed that little red snakes where all moving from my legs to my head ( all in the same direction) and then crawled away. I could feel them on my naked body. What could little red snakes mean?

  3. Hello, I just woke from a odd dream where I was outside jogging & noticed something in the foliage bright red. So I stopped focused on it for a bit and it slowly slithered out. While I’m not a fan of snakes it was so mesmerizing . I stepped back and call the neighbor to tell them not to let the kids play out here. My neighbor seems very interested in it as I described it the them. Then decided to call animal control. They came & took care of it. Then I went inside got really cautious s inside got thought I was tripping when I seen one slithering along the wall into the kitchen. This one stops and seemingly follows me as it comes closer I move back then I woke..it wasn’t threatening though, it just seemed weird.

  4. Hi there my name is jenna. I’m 4 monts pregnant and had a dream last nite of receiveing a large amount of money for a very simple job done as well as being around a house that had so much snakes all over and inside the house was a red and black snake. What does this mean?

  5. Hi!
    Last night I dream about snake. My family and I are having a good time in our house…. It’s a red snake… A little red snake, it comes out through my brother’s mouth. He said i told them i was the one who should keep the red snake, and then he gave it to me and I’m so afraid to touch the red snake, and then suddenly I was trying to kill the red snake, and one more thing I’m always dreaming about snakes almost every kinds of snakes big and small. Can you tell me what this means??

  6. I dream a big red snake i am petrified of snakes so i hate to dream about them…..my friends and i were bathing and having fun by the river and this huge red snake came out of nowhere didnt try to harm anyone….it just went away and for some strange reason it end up at my house under my bathroom sink wrapped up not moving but sleeping and then it just left on it’s own….what does my dream mean

    1. Hi Asha, this is a good dream in particular that the snake seemed harmless and even friendly. There is also chance that is is a pregnancy-related dream. Thanks!

  7. Hi I had a dream of a red snake with spreader darker rings ons it’s body. It was on a blanket on the floor it’s seemed calm not harming anyone. I thought let me cover it with the blanket so it could not get away as I was not comfortable getting close. After a while it came out with its head lifted. My son’s took its by its it’s tail in order to kill it. H it’s had got shaped off. I found it strange that the snake had no blood. I asked my son to shop it’s tail as well as its heart is in its tail. Please help me to understand my dream

    1. Hi Susan, it is believed that dream of killing a snake is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will conquer the enemy. Thanks!

  8. Hi!

    I had a dream last night…my family and I were at a friend’s house visiting. My friend was cleaning under their couch and a small-earth worm size was slithering away. Once we realized it was a snake, everyone was trying to catch it. As soon it started moving, it started getting bigger and longer. Soon, it was this long and HUGE bright red serpent looking thing. Body like a giant eel and it’s head was as big as a human head. It slithered in top of their kitchen counter and had to fold itself over and over to fit on there. Then the head slithered up the wall so it looked like it was standing against it. It stayed there, still for a long time. Everyone ended up ignoring it and acted like it wasn’t there. I noticed it fixed at me and it’s head turned wherever I went. I freaked out when it was moving position and looked as if was coming my way. When tried to hide and crawl away, it sped up and we ended up face to face. I woke up feeling like my heart stopped.

  9. Hi,

    I have seen red snake with carrot like skin was following me & I got freezed to one place because I was scared. In same night I have seen snakes with more than one face in water & I was trying to burn him by pouring kerosene & lighting the match stick to save somebody else life whom this snake was following & I have seen a green frog was jumping on me & I was feeling scared. All these dreams in one night was bit wierd. Not able to analyse the meaning of it.

  10. I was in a beach house and in that beach house we tried to barricade the doors so that no snakes would enter my house but I forgot to close the kitchen door and then red snakes entered but I kill them all and closed the door after which another batch of snakes tried to enter and then entered successfully a lot of them went in and I killed them all with a big rock and saved my friends when I looked outside there were a lot of people who turned into stone and they were like skeletons and didn’t move they seemed dead because of the snake bites.

    1. Hi, dream of killing a snake is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will conquer the enemies or win a competition. Hope that helps, thanks!

  11. I dreamt of a red snake last night. It was fun yet scary. The red snake was friendly but it kept on crawling on my back inside my T-shirt and came out in front of my face. It seemed that the said red snake wanted to talk to me. I just cannot understand it. I was scared to hold it because the red snake, might be poisonous, and bite me. But it never did. He was really friendly and somewhat curious about me being in that old house I have no memory of. The red snake seemed to know me. And I fed it with a mango dipped in salt. And the snake was really happy about it. When it was our time to go, the red snake visited us again and for like a hundred times, it keeps on crawling on my back. I can feel the coldness of its skin. The slimy feeling. Everything is so real. Any thoughts on my dream? Thanks.

    1. Hi, this seems to be a rarely good dream since it is about a red snake and in particular you had close contact with it. It may foretell that a happy occasion such as wedding may happen around you. Thanks!

  12. My dream was of three red snakes, dead, and then, one almost attacking me, and another being killed. This was all in my house in the dream. Can you tell me what this means??

    1. Hi, it’s believed that dream of red snakes is a strong predictor of joyous occasions and good luck. As for your dream in which attacking and killing happened, it could foretell that you will be able to achieve victory or finish first in a competition. Hope this helps! Thanks!

      1. I just woke up from this dream. There is a very giant red snake sitting still beside me. The people said in my dream that this red snake is very nice and friendly but I was so scare but then I didn’t move away from snake. And then it seem like I was doing something ,picking up something I guess, and there is that red snake beside me still didn’t move,I kinda forget that it was beside me, I was in standing position picking up something and the snake beside me was on the ground, and then I move to my standing position before I realized it the snake was under my dress , I dont know I step on it or what, still the snake didn’t move nth it just sit in its position, after a while I realize that I was beside snake and it was beneath me and then I quickly run away coz I got really scare I feel like I got a heart attack after that I woke up

        1. I had a dream I was looking in my bathroom mirror when not one but three tiny red snakes came out of my ears one by one. They were like mini red cobras, then they began to attack me by biting my face and neck. Any thoughts on what these means??

          1. Hi, this seems to be a really good dream as red snakes and snake bites are typical signs foretelling some happy events or a satisfactory sexual life (a dream about snakes can also have sex implications). Thanks!

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