Dream of Police in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Police is the image of a typical male characteristics including authoritative, standard, conscience and etc:-

Dream of police standing guard is a sign of danger indicating that accidents may occur recently.

Dream of quarreling with the police indicates that you may face threatening from robbers or enemies.

Dream of being beaten up by police indicates that you may suffer serious losses due to malpractice, corruption, malfeasance and etc.

Dream of becoming a police to investigate cases indicates that you will encounter setbacks in interpersonal relationships; you may be face slander by others.

Dream of wearing police uniform means that the dreamer may get involved in a criminal case.

Dream of being chased by the police means that some of your ideas and behaviors are against the moral standards or social norms.

Dream of talking to the police suggests that you will get the boss’s attention and get promoted.

Dream of being interrogated is a warning signal of possible health problems; particular attention shall be given to diet health issues such food poisoning, dysentery, constipation and other digestive diseases.

Dream of turning to the police for help means that you ‘ll overcome difficulties and get safety and happiness.

Dream of being caught by the police indicates that the remarkable results have been achieved at work or study attracting attention of boss, parents or teachers.
Dream of Police
ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dreams are usually linked to a virtual person named ZhouGong after a popular book under the title ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book believes that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams imply the dreamer’s health and mental status as well as the things that are going to happen.

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