Dream of Pears: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

What is the dream meaning, symbols and interpretation about pear? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

Dream of pears is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will become famous.

Dream of eating a pear signifies that you are in good health.

Dream of giving out pears to your friends indicates that you will be favoured among people around you.

Dream of pear harvesting foretells that the dreamer would have good opportunities to get his wishes realised.

Dream of picking pears from the trees means that the dreamer will have an opportunity to run a lucrative new business.

For a single person to dream of picking pears from the trees, foretells that the dreamer will have a perfect marriage.

For a married woman to dream of getting pears, indicates that the dreamer would conceive and give birth to a cute baby boy.

For a patient to dream of eating pears, signifies the comeback of the illness or getting a new disease.

Dream of sharing a pear denotes that the dreamer will suffer losses due to a lack of long-term vision.

Dream of selling pears is a good omen indicating the increase of salary or other incomes.
pear in a dream
ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called ZhouGong after a popular book ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

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6 thoughts on “Dream of Pears: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary”

  1. Please hoo,my tenant dream that he sour me holding black poly bag filled with pears,setting down eating them in the dream, please can anyone help out

  2. Greetings, I dreamt of walking into a courtyard filled with pear trees that were heavily laden with an abundance of ripe pears. I walked around picking random pears and eating them straight from the trees. They were ripe, so delicious and absolutely succulent. I felt blissful and happy.

  3. i dreamt of where i was picking up a pears ,i was seperating d bad one from d good ones,i nw gathered d good one together wen suddenly a snake appeared and was coming towards my direction, i was very scared but wen d snake came near me i noticed it was nt coming to me but to d person near me,wat i did was dat i saved d girl from snake bitten and i didnt took d pears home but i remembered i gathered d good ones together pls wats d meaning of d dream?

    1. Hi Chioma, your dream is about a snake bite as well as picking up pears. It’s believed that dream about a snake biting someone else denotes that the dreamer is not spending enough of time with his/her families leading to distant family relations. Perhaps you are too busy at work or study recently, try to get a good balance between work and family.

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