Dream of Husband: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Dreams about husband in general indicate that the dreamer loves and cares about her husband, or the dreamer wants to get more love and attention from her husband.

For a wife to dream about the death of her husband is actually a good sign foretelling that the her husband will stay healthy.

For a wife to dream of her husband who is dying from illness, denote that her husband will recover from some illness and remain physically strong.

Dream of quarreling with the husband is representative of reunion and harmony, it also suggests that the couple relationship will be very affectionate and sweet.

Dream of getting divorced with the husband represents that the dreamer is anxious about possible divorce. As a matter of fact, the dreamer needs not worry about too much as a dream usually tells the opposite way of reality.

Dream of husband’s asking for a divorce suggests that the dreamer needs to change her attitude in daily life, and shall not be critical about everything.

Dream of the leaving of the husband because of the dreamer’s cheating him suggests that the husband is very faithful with the dreamer or the dreamer is always trying to defend the marriage by refusing the temptations from other men.
husband in a dream
Dream of the husband’s getting a pale face and getting exhausted signals that the dreamer may suffer a serious illness, or one of the family members may fall sick.

Dream of the husband’s having an affair with someone else reflects the dreamer’s inner fear about the happening of the same situation in real life; alternatively it suggests that the dreamer does not get enough of care and love from her husband.

Dream of falling in love with someone else’s husband suggests that the dreamer’s current relationship is not as perfect as in her expectation.

Dream about your estranged husband being very nice to you or recalling the past sweet time spent with him implies that you are longing for happiness in life. Perhaps you are not having enough of fun in life. Try to get involved in more social activities!

Dream of getting married with the husband again indicates that the dreamer does not feel a strong love after marriage.

Dream of the husband’s getting killed is a sign of wealth implying that the dreamer will lead a happy and prosperous life.

Dream of the husband’s killing someone is a good omen suggesting that marital relation will be very sweet.

For a woman to dream of having streaking with her husband, denotes that the dreamer has different views with her husband over various issues.

For a single woman to dream of having a husband, indicates that the dreamer is a generous and charming person.

Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called Zhougong after a popular book Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in our dream have close relationship with what have happened within our body (e.g. health status), in daily life, or mental status.

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  1. I had a dream about my late husband last night at first when I was trying to connect him on his cell in different dreams I could not remember his phone number finally I got ahold of him, and when I did he was telling me he meet someone else which was I bit heartbreaking but ok . I was talking with him on the phone and ending up meeting him and also his new partner. He looked different and happy. But I am now with someone else and my girls are happy to I told him and he was with no response.. what does this mean.

    1. Hi, it is believed that dream of seeing your ex-husband being intimate with another woman heralds that you may suffer from deteriorating health or dealing with a lot of stress. Pay extra attention to your health (even the prediction may be misconception). Thanks!

  2. I dream that my husband return homes from abroad and he washing the dishes and aweeping the foor and. Leaning the table or the house (as in the foaming of soap is overflowing in the sink. And on the place he is cleaning. And after that i saw he clean himself and like going for walk with a new green rubber shoes. And when i went up stairs i saw my deceased grandma and when i ask her to check the rooms cos my husband cleaned it she was relucctant while we are walking around. But we saw that most part of the room was so arrange and there is a little part that the matress are messy and a bit of water stocked on Side of the floor beside the 3 matress and i saw his ex girlfriend seating on the third matress which is a bit separated. All these is wothout having conversation to my husband.

  3. Hi, I have 3 month old son and I am happily married , it has 5 days noe that i am dreaming of my son killing me in one or the other way, i am scared and having headache because of this, when i told my husband , he makes fun and scares me further by telling that he thinks of buying a new knife , stick , baseball bat etc., What does it mean and what should i do

    1. Hi, it is believed that dream about killing often suggests that the dreamer is under intense pressure or suffering from great emotional pain. Thanks!

  4. Hi…. this morning i dream about my husband. The dream like, he is married to an other women and standing to gather with his groom costume. Could you please interpret my dream. i’m very worried here.

  5. Hi.. 1st you guys all pls forgive me.. because I’m not good in english. I’m married 7years. And I’m arranged marriage by my family members. I love him a lot. I’m always dreams about my family members (parent and siblings) seperating me from my husband and gets me to marry with other man.I always refused that marriage and crying. but in every dreams finally I came back to my husband. What’s the meaning of this dream??? I think more that 10 times I was dreams like this… thanks u

  6. Hi! In my dream i was being held by a friend..a male friend and he is crying regretting that i am married already with somebody else. He is asking me what happen. I haven’t seen this friend from quite sometime now. Somehow in my dream i feel sad also.

    1. Hi Joyee, this is actually a good dream telling that the your husband will stay healthy and win competitions. Thanks!

  7. Hi, real talk, my husband at the jail 3 years from now,then last night i dreamt about him that he getting out at the prison.Please help interpret this dream.Thanks

    1. Hi Catherine, it’s believed that dream of a family or friend being released from prison is an auspicious sign suggesting that the dreamer will be promoted. Thanks!

  8. I dreamed about my husband in the past cheating on me several time’s with many women and it was true , we’ve been separated for some time due to him beating on me he went to prison i had no plans of getting back with him but over the month’s we did , now I’m starting to have dreams about him again this time of him leaving me in sneaky way’s, i try and get to him he see’s me and he turn’s away from me , this goes on through out my dream,I’m not to sure of him is there anyway you could help me on this one ? I dream all the time and my dream’s always show me some thing that’s about to happen or getting me ready for some thing warning me one way are another, I haven’t been wrong yet, I’m just not sure about this one, I’m puzzled.

    1. Hi Anita, after checking the relevant records, your dream about your husband’s leaving your may actually signify a better and improving relationship between you and your husband. It’s norm that dreams tell the opposite way. Hope this help address your worries. Thanks!

  9. Hi I dreamt about my husband last night, we are just separated and I dreamt tht I was seeing him and he looked so skinny and no talked at all. Is he depressed in real life?

    1. Hi Melanie, first of all your having this dream implies that you still concerns about your ex-husband; and according to our knowledge, I regret that this dream may also tell that a family member of yours may suffer a health problem. Pay more attention to health status of your family. Thanks!

  10. had a dream last night my wife started talking to me and wanted a divorce, she had her mind set and all the paperwork set up ready to sign, child support etc etc

    also in the dream i later break the news to my parents and i break down crying (obviously) and start banging my head off the wall yelling why! why! they then inform me that my brother thinks its funny she is leaving, in the dream my wife doesnt answer my questions or acknowledge me at all.

    background- we have been together 4 years and we are married for a year, have a little boy and are happy with both our lives, jobs etc etc

  11. My friend’s husband passed away a year ago, lately she’s been having dreams about him. In her dream he hated her or avoided her in each dream but she still loved him. She gets a feeling like he’s around watching her. Please help interpret this dream, thanks.

    1. Hi, first of all this dream clearly suggests that the dreamer misses her deceased husband very much; after checking the relevant entries, I am made to believed that similar dreams about deceased loved one’s having negative emotions such as doubt, anger and hatred could be an auspicious sign and may bring good luck and fortune to the dreamer. Perhaps, that is what he really wants. Hope this helps, thanks!

  12. I have been an occuring dreams about getting married or pregnant sometimes with twins. What does it mean? I am single and not in the relationship.

    Please interpret for me. Thanking you in advance.

    1. Hi, it is believed that dream of getting married may be a warning sign of possible health problems. It may not be the true situation, but for sure that it does no harm if you can be more careful and have more rest, thanks!

  13. I have been having a recurring dream all different but they all have my ex boyfriend, friends, and family telling me to leave my husband and to go and be happy with my ex. This has been a recurring dream for a long time and in different dreams but with the same message. Can you tell me what this means please?

    1. Hi, it’s claimed that dream about other people’s offering suggestions or persuasions usually reflects that some of the your arbitrary and capricious actions or decisions may annoy others. This may not have a hint about your love relationship. Hope this can help, thanks!

  14. i had a dream that my husband killed our neighbor that we didnt know, also i didn’t see the killing but i know he did because he told me he did, he said he shot him in the house and left him there. A man had alot of money and came to my house and i took alot of $100 bills, i put it in my wallet. the next day when the neighbor was found dead, i left my house and got on a bus and got off almost immediately, went into a restaurant and a group of men jumped out of a black suv with a gun and told all the women to give them their purses, i snuck and took my wallet out of my purse that had all the $100 bills and hid it, i gave them my purse without the wallet, then i woke up. can you tell me what this means?? i’ve been wondering all morning

    1. Hi, it’s believed that dream about your husband’s getting someone killed is an auspicious sign indicating that you will enjoy high level of marital satisfaction and stability. It’s normal that dreams could turn out to be opposite in real life. Hope that helps, thanks!

  15. I had a dream that my wife took me out and we were walking while she was ahead. She lead me into a house where there were these two big black men. Once inside she went into the bathroom and asked me if I could leave her there so she could sleep with the older one. She then explained that she got his number from a phone box and wanted to pay him for sex. We fought and I fought with the two men. She then said that she will keep the number and come back another day. What does that all mean ?????

    1. Hi, it’s believed that dream about your wife’s betrayal may suggest your inner fear of the happening of the same or it reflects that you are under abnormal pressure recently. Hope that helps, thanks!

  16. I had a dream that I was in bed with my wife and we were hugging each other and on another night I dreamed that I went to bed with her, but she hesitated and pushed me away.

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