Dream of Dog: Dream Interpretations in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

By | January 24, 2014

What is the dream meaning, symbols and interpretation about dogs? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

The dog is man’s best friend, dog in a dream is representative of friendship and love; on the other hand, it is often a symbol of morality, self-restraint and self-discipline.


Dream of having dreams where your dog dies is an ill omen indicating that one of your faithful friends may pass away.


Dream of being chased by a dog suggests that the dreamer may easily get tempted and suffer failures.

Dream of being chased by a hunting dog implies that the dreamer is indulging in sensual pleasure.


Dream of extra-large dogs is a symbol of having rich and powerful friends.

Dream of a puppy dog indicates that someone around you may need your assistance.

Dream of an unfriendly dog in an ill omen indicating that your personal relations may deteriorate.

Dream of having a good breed dog represent that the dreamer will have a great wealth.

Dream of a mad dog indicates that the dreamer may not get anticipated results despite of big efforts; on the other hand, this dream may also suggest that an important organ in the dreamer’s body may be infected with some deadly disease.

Dream of emaciated and dirty dogs indicates failure in career and difficulties in life.

Dream of a multi-headed dog indicates that the dreamer needs to concentrate on the current job / business to achieve success.

Dream of a very friendly dog denotes harmonious relationship between you and your friends.

Dream of being afraid of an extra-large dog indicates that the dreamer is working hard to get rid of current ordinary life and thus would experience a lot of troubles in this course.

Dream of a ferocious dog indicates unstable friendship, or it reminds that some of your friends are not trustworthy.

For a young woman to dream of a good breed pet dog, indicates that she will fall in love with a playboy.

Dream of a friendly white dog getting close to you foretells success in love as well as in career. For female dreamers, this dream is a harbinger of the upcoming marriage.


Dream of being bitten by a dog denotes that the dreamer may have frictions / disputes with friends or families.

Dream of being bitten by a mad dog suggests that one of the dreamer’s best friends may suffer mental breakdown.

Dream of a dog biting its owner foretells that the dreamer will have property conflicts with friends or families. There is risk of being cheated!


To dream that a dog is barking at you, indicates that something may happen leading to friendship deterioration.

Dream of hearing dogs bark indicates that you will get help from friends when someone is trying to offend you.

Dream of hearing lonely dog barks is a bad omen indicating death or alienation of friends.

Dream of hearing the happy barking of dogs, indicates that the dreamer will have good personal relations.

Dream of a dog barking continuously is a bad omen suggesting awful news and great difficulties.

Dream to hear the sound of the dogs roaring tussle, indicating that you will be defeated enemies, your life will also be full of frustration and disappointment.

Dream of hearing the angry roar sound of dogs foretells that the dreamer may fall into traps set by crafty villains.


Dream of hearing the sound of dog fighting is an ill omen indicating that the dreamer would be defeated by enemies.

Dream of a dog fight suggests that you might go to mediate disputes between friends.


Dream of a dog show indicates that the dreamer will have a blessed life.

Dream of a dog chasing a fox, or running in a big hunting game is a good omen indicating good fortune in all undertakings.

Dream of cats and dogs not getting along with each other foretells ups and downs in love.

Dream of traveling with a dog indicates that the dreamer has honest friends and a successful career.

To dream that a dog is swimming in the water happily, implies imminent happiness and good luck.

Dream of a dog killing a cat in front of you signifies that the dreamer will have lucrative deals and gain unexpected pleasure.

Dream of a dog killing a snake in front of you foretells good luck.

Dream of two dogs playing with each other suggests unexpected progress in love relationship.

Dream of a dog approaching you indicates that you may get help from friends when facing difficulties in life.

Dream of a dog wagging its tail means that someone is likely to hide some facts from you, you should beware of being betrayed.

Dream of walking an extra-large dog means that the dreamer has very good personal relations and get along well with old and new friends.

Dream of a dog eating dog food is a good omen indicating that the dreamer is leading a stable life.

Dream of a dog peeing in some place is a warning sign of health problems. Be careful!

Dream of a fast running dog indicates good luck for wealth and you may get unexpected income.

Dream of keeping a dog suggests that families will be your best backup when you encounter setbacks or disasters.

Dream of ferocious hounds tearing the weak prey apart is a symbol telling that the primitive instincts are affecting your rationality.

Dream of a ferocious dog dashing and jumping towards you indicates that you may have disagreement with friends. Try to have peace talks with them.

Dream of beating a dog suggests that one of your faithful friends will doubt you because of your own fault.

Dream of a ferocious dogs looking around but does not make any attacks, indicates that some key conflicts will not occur eventually.
Dreaming of Dog
ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

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