Dream of Being Bitten By A Snake: Dream Interpretations, Explanations and Meanings in Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

What is the dream meaning, symbols and interpretations about being bitten by a snake? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

Dream of being bitten by a snake typically suggests that the dreamer is not afraid of danger and will have both good luck and happiness.

Dream of being bitten by a snake in the water indicates that the dreamer may suffer from some illness involving the part of body getting bitten in the dream.

For a pregnant woman to dream of being bitten by a snake, foretells that the dreamer will give birth to a baby boy; in case it is a fat snake, it means that the boy will be very clever.

For a single person to dream of being bitten by a snake which is then killed by the dreamer, indicates that the dreamer will find an ideal partner .

For a husband to dream that his wife being bitten by a snake, suggests that the dreamer may be faced with some bad luck lately.

For a wife to dream that her husband getting bitten by a snake, foretells that the dreamer will have good luck in social activities.

For a parent to dream about his or her child getting bitten by a snake, foretells that some unhappy events or disputes may happen which will break the current harmony in the family.

To dream that your father is bitten by a snake is a good omen foretelling good luck.

Dream of a snake biting someone else hints that the dreamer may not spend enough of time with his/her families leading to distant family relations.

For a married woman to dream of holding a snake in her arm, denotes that the dreamer will give birth to a baby boy.

To dream that an enemy is bitten by a snake indicates that the dreamer will benefit from the internal conflicts among the opponents or enemies.

Dream of getting snake bite on the finger with bleeding is a bad omen foretelling that the dreamer would have to tolerate bad luck for a while.

For a mother to dream of getting snake bite on the finger with bleeding, denotes that both the dreamer and her child may become sick.

For a businessperson to dream of getting snake bite on the finger with bleeding, warns that the dreamer needs to eye on the long-term targets instead of the immediate interests in order to become successful.
snake bite
ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dream is linked with a virtual person called ZhouGong after a popular book ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleeping. With thousand of years’ history, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams, in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

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  1. I dreamed their was a mother snake and baby snake following my two girls my oldest daughter was able to get away from the snake however I wAS still with my youngest daughter and we cross paths with the mother snake a guy came to help us he then shot the snake and ran off to help other ppl then the snake tried to bite us then stirked again only this time biting my kid in the face like the snakes mouth was over my youngest kid’s mouth. I then hit the snake and it let go of my daughter and we ran and i looked down at her however she’s three now but then she appeard as a smaller baby days but she wasn’t crying she looked said but she was not crying and I woke up,.help please

  2. I dreamed last night 3 black snakes. I hold 1 of it then suddenly drop it then he get angry so he bite me on my left hand and i saw 3 marks of bite.

  3. Hi, I just had a dream with my boyfriend and we were in the car. In the mean time, the snake shows up of no where and bites me. What does that mean?

  4. Last night I had a dream of my son being bit my a rattlesnake, I tried to get him to the hospital but couldn’t make it, and ended up waking up early this morning to ask my son would you ever touch a snake? He says no mom…I said please don’t ever…They are poisonous…What does this dream mean?

    1. Hi Jennifer, according to our knowledge your dream is not predictive of any actual risks, but it is possibly related to family and relationship problems such as argument, disagreements, breakdown in communication and etc. But to mediate these problems just in case… Thanks!

  5. Hi my son had a dream that I got bit by a snake and he woke up and 3days later I had court against some people’s who lied on my and judge found me guilty

  6. long ago i dreamt of snakes at 3 time within a month or two. twice i was chased by a snake and the last i was wrap by a big snake and i woke up when it opens it mouth.
    what does that indicates ??

  7. i had a dream that im in some woods with grasses and a big long tree branch on the ground. snakes were everywhere and i was jumping to the right and left to avoid alerting the snakes. it ended when i was on top the tree branch and infront of me was a BUNCH of snakes, i had no choice but to JUMP OVER them which i failed and i waken them up which i woke up as well. What does this means?

  8. Tonight at 3.15 a.m, I dreamed about my daughter bitten by snake. She walks with me to the hospital.

  9. Last night I dreamt I was sitting on the floor of a small room in front of a bed, and there were a few snakes slithering on the floor. They did not have fangs and were not huge. They also were dark colors, one pure black and another black on top and a lighter color underneath it. But I was not frightened, just curious, and they seemed friendly. They let me pick them up, and the only time they would try to bite me was if I held them by their head, but when I stopped, they would not bite, and I would let them back on the ground and they would slither back under the bed or somewhere else. Then somehow, my right pointer finger began bleeding, and when I picked up this small white snake, it bit onto the bleeding finger. I wasn’t scared, but it seemed like it was trying to drink the blood. Then when it let go, I squeezed it too hard and it suddenly died and fell apart onto the ground in neat pieces, like someone had sliced it apart with a knife. When I picked up one more snake, it wrapped itself around my right hand, and I thought it was going to bite me, but it did not, even when I squeezed it. Finally, it unwrapped itself from my hand and slithered away. Then my vision blurred and I woke up.

    1. Hi, it’s believed that dream about encountering black snakes and white snakes is a sign of uncertainty suggesting that you may need assistance or guidance in handling some issues or making a key decision. Hope this can help, thanks!

  10. I dreamt of being bitten by a snake 3 times, and that tomorrow was my birthday, and also the same day as Chinese New Year, which happens to also be the year of the snake. In real life, I am also born in the year of the snake.
    Can you please interpret?

    1. Hi Mabelle, your dream seems to be a really good one as dream about the New Year’s Day usually represents that something new and good is coming. Thanks!

  11. I was walking to take a car ride with an ex-supervisor for a work-related visit, from a factory’s basement carpark.

    While passing a red car, I saw the red umbrella in the car boot was moving and in my mind, I am aware that there is a black (round headed) snake underneath it. I immediately warn the supervisor to be careful & not to step on it if the snake manage to slide out of the car window, while I also take the caution to be alert.

    As expected, the black snake slide out of the car window but not chasing any one of us. However, due to her panic and clumsy movement, instead of avoiding the snake, she indirectly make it move towards us. In order to save both of us from getting bitten, I try to chase it away by throwing my black leather bag at it. Because it is my bag (I regretted this action immediately after I throw my bag), I anxiously wanted to grab back my bag and it hissed at me in a defective position with sound like a rattlesnake.

    Suddenly, a male supervisor (in real-life, we never really work together before)came to my rescue (since the female supervisor was doing nothing to help and just standing behind me to prevent herself from the attack). He got bitten by the black snake instead, while trying to grab away the black snake by reaching out his hand for my bag.

    His hands immediately changed to snake-like position getting ready to bit the nearest person next to him (which is me). To stop the venom from poisoning him further, I got no choice but to grab a long wooden pole to strike at his right palm, sort of like trying to freeze his hand which will in turn freeze his whole person and venom from traveling.

    This pole came from a pick-up driver who had randomly appear from nowhere to help me stopped the venom from changing my male supervisor further. However the pick-up driver seems reluctant to help when I requested for him to drive the wounded supervisor to the nearest hospital to save his life.

    The pick-up driver keep murmuring an address for me to bring the wounded male supervisor to, on my own, however I just can’t seem to spell out the numbers in the address correctly. I keep writing wrongly for 2 times due to my panic and concern to bring the male supervisor for treatment as soon as possible. The numbers keep whispering in my head.

    As for the female supervisor, all she did was keeping quiet and never once offer her help. I feel angry with her selfishness for a moment and woke up from the dream.

    There’s lesser fear compared to more worries for the others’ safety in the dream. Please help.

    1. Hi, it is believed that dream of a snake biting someone else hints that the dreamer may not spend enough of time with his/her families leading to distant family relations, small details don’t matter. Thanks!

  12. I dreamed I was telling a couple of guys to catch some snakes that were on the lose. We were in a woody area. Then a snake drop down from above me and bit me in my left arm. As the venom started to released in my arm, I woke up.

  13. I recently adopted a snake (python) named Titan for a pet. The snake is very even tempered and doesn’t mind my 4 year old son playing with him. However, my mom said it is a bad omen to have a snake as a pet in the house and has it out for Titan. She recently said, “I dreamt that the pet snake was swallowing your son. It indicated that something bad will happen to your child.” Please help in intrepret what her dream means in chinese zhougong. Thank you.

    1. Hi, in general your mom’s dream about a python tells that she is a law abiding person in her whole life which is not necessarily a bad omen per our records. But base on your description, a more plausible explanation seems to be that your mother is always worried about your pet snake’s posing a threat to your son. That’s why she had this dream.

      *Kindly be reminded that the dream meanings provided here are for entertainment purposes only. ChinaAbout.net makes no claim, nor endorses, the accuracy, intent or utility of any dream interpretation provided above. If you have a practical issue, please seek advice from relevant professionals.

  14. Hi! please help me to interpret my dreams last night..
    I saw in my dreams that while my husband is taking a bath with our son there were small snakes at our son’s back. He didn’t noticed the snake until i told them that there are snakes at the back of our soon. then he start to kill and grab the snakes in his bare hand over my son’s body. but when i was helping him i was bitten in my legs and head until he was bitten too. We were attacked by small snakes until wasn’t able to get rid of all snakes in my son’s body and left him inside the toilet. My husband too left us alone and until i went out too and asked some somebody to get medication on my snake bite. I just didn’t understand why i just left my child their and just thinking to save my life first! it was horrible!!! maybe because i didn’t hear my son cried that time? :( so bad!

    1. Hi, after double check, it’s believed that dream about your child’s getting snake bites may betoken the happening of some family issues such as a dispute or some health problems. Be careful!

      Regarding your handling of the situation in the dream, it seems to be some kind of normal reaction since your attention was much distracted by the snake bites you suffered. And this does not say that you are not a good parent in real life. Thanks!

  15. Hi there,
    I just woke up and check google for anything sensible about my dream. I dreamt that I am with my kids (3yr old girl and 5yr old boy). We were crossing a pond when I saw a big yellow snake with small head and large body with skin peeling off. It didn’t touch us but mives it’s head and body only. 2steps forward ceossing this big yellow snake are a few little snakes of dark colors(if i could still remember) bite my little boy. A lot of them was there (10 or more) but only a few (might be 3) bit my kid.I could see their body as they were some kind of attach to something. I asked my little if it hurts, he told me it doesn’t. And then there were little tranparent fishes who suck out the blood from the bites and was transferred to them (i could see as their transparent). A few steps still in the pond i saw another black snake medium size but didn’t touch us at all.. While on our few steps to get out of the pond. I asked my little boy where did he passed by when he cross the pond before (assuming he had before we cross it together) then he tokd me on the uppepart of the pond ( pond floor is not even wih lots of stones). My little boy seems to know the very well than me. My lite girl is ok as I was carrying her all the way.

    Please help me interpret it as it might be alarting me with something regarding my kids.

    1. Hi, after double checking the relevant records it’s believed that dream about your kid’s getting bitten by snakes is usually related to difficult or worsening family relations (e.g. disputes among the family members); try to spend more time in building and maintaining strong family relationships! Anyhow, the good side of this bad prediction seems to be that your child personal safety will not be compromised. Thanks!

      *Kindly be reminded that the dream meanings provided here are for entertainment purposes only. ChinaAbout.net makes no claim, nor endorses, the accuracy, intent or utility of any dream interpretation provided above. If you have a practical issue, please seek advice from relevant professionals.

  16. i had dream that a 15 feet long king cobra bite me with a human head.but i am having snake bite dreamz since april 2014.i dont know what does this indicate.can anyone tell me what does this tells?

    1. Hi, it’s believed that dream about a snake with human head means that there is a higher chance of getting misunderstood or misjudged. Try to avoid possible misunderstandings by making yourself perfectly clear in a recent time. Thanks!

  17. I am a single person, and dreamt that I was bitten by a few small snakes, on my feet and ankles, but I was wearing long pants and shoes, and couldn’t feel the full intensity of the bite, while riding a bicycle. In my dream I felt as if I had either dreamt the dream before, or that I had cycled down the same path and remembered that there were biting snakes there. So there was familiarity there.
    I see that it said if a single person dreamt about being bitten by a snake, and if the dreamer killed the snake, meant that the dreamer would find an ideal partner. But I didn’t kill the snakes.
    I feel as if the dream wasn’t an irrelevant dream, because of the familiarity.

    Could you perhaps give me some clarity?

    1. Hi Tarryn, based on the description given there is chance that you are receiving too much care and attention from other people who are probably very closed to you (e.g. getting too much parental involvement). Such obvious participation of someone else in your life or decision making is like a kind of bite which you actually expect its happening and is very familiar with. Another explanation is that your potential loved one is just around you and you may have known him already. Hope this helps! Thanks!

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