Dream of A Party: Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Discovering the meanings to various dreams has become an interesting topic to more and more people. What is the dream meaning, dream symbols and dream interpretation of dreams about A Party? Let’s see the dream explanation as following:-

Dream of attending someone’s wedding ceremony suggests that the dreamer’s families will have good luck and peace in life.

For a single man to dream of being a bride in a wedding, indicates that the dreamer will have good luck in a relationship. The ideal dating sites could be a concert hall or art gallery where relatively strong artistic atmosphere can be found.

Dream of holding a birthday party is an ill omen indicating possible problems in interpersonal relationships may happen. The lack of consistency between words and deeds is likely to result in the loss of personal credit.

Dream of being invited to a friend’s house party indicates that there will be reduced luck in behavioral aspect. Be careful in wording and behaviors!

Dream of dancing at a party indicates that there will be new progress in a relationship. The dreamer may have a new partner.

For an unemployed person to dream of going to a party, denotes that a happy event will happen.

For an entrepreneur to dream of going to a party, implies that the dreamer will receive family and friends assistance.

For a scholar to dream of going to a party, foretells that the dreamer will get approval from all the significant people in his/her life.

ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dreams are linked with a virtual person called ZhouGong after a popular book ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleep. With thousands of years of history, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

Dream interpretations and dream meanings provided here are for entertainment purposes only. ChinaAbout.net makes no claim, nor endorses, the accuracy, intent or utility of any dream interpretation provided above.

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