Dream About Fire: Dream Interpretations In Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

In positive circumstances, dream of fire is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will have good luck for wealth; but there are also negative circumstances in which dream about fire can also be a herald of anger, disappointment and destruction.

Dream about a home fire symbolises that the dreamer may experience financial difficulties.

Dream of a fire getting extinguished is indicative of economic loss or breakup of a relationship.

Dream about getting burned by fire or being burned to death suggests that the dreamer may have intense emotions in a new social relation.

Dream about being trapped in a fire reveals that the dreamer will get help from others.

Dream about successfully escaping a fire scene is an auspicious sign telling that the dreamer will be overcome all difficulties and achieve success.

Dream about a wildfire is an ill omen indicating that the dreamer may encounter a disaster or accident.

Dream about saving someone from a fire presages that the dreamer will have some helpful and true friends.

Dream about becoming a firefighter and putting out a fire portends that the dreamer may bear financial losses.

Dream about volcanic eruption is a dangerous sign warning that the dreamer will have chance to make money illegally but the money obtained will go away easily.

Dream about a fireball shows that the dreamer will stay highly energetic in a recent period.

Dream about a haystack fire is a bad omen which may presage of something bad.

Dream about a fire on top of water is a good omen showing that the dreamer will enjoy longevity.

Dream About Fire
ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In Chinese culture, dreams are usually linked to a virtual person named ZhouGong after a popular book under the title ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book believes that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams imply the dreamer’s health and mental status as well as the things that are going to happen.

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