Dream About Blood: Dream Interpretations In Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary

Dream of having bloody sputum is a good omen indicating that a long-expected target will be realised.

Dream about bloody flowers suggests that the dreamer’s courage and determination will be appreciated.

Dream of a mattress with blood stain betokens that something bad is going to happen to the dreamer’s romantic partner.

Dream of being splashed with blood heralds that the dreamer will get paid for helping others.

Dream about someone who dies in blood is a good dream indicating that the dreamer will be able to develop his/her full potential.

Dream about the outflow of menstrual blood is a good omen indicating that a wish will come true.

Dream about blood flowing from a cut on the head of an animal or a human being signals that the dreamer will become famous.

Dream of cleaning blood stains from clothing betokens that the dreamer may live a poor life due to the loss of property.

Dream about hiding a cloth stained with blood symbolises that the dreamer may try to hide shameful behaviours.

Dream about someone wearing a cloth with blood stains predicts that this person may encounter an accident.

Dream about foot bleeding is a bad omen indicating that the dreamer may be betrayed by someone he/she trusts.

Dream about having a bleeding nose means that the dreamer may be deceived by bad guys.

Dream about blood vessels means that the dreamer might be misunderstood by others.

Dream of having a bleeding leg suggests that the dreamer will be able to enjoy personal growth and great happiness.

Dream about hitting a turtle making it bleed denotes that that the dreamer will be helped by others.

Dream about furniture with blood stains implies that a family crisis may occur.

ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary

In the Chinese culture, dreams are linked with a virtual person called ZhouGong after a popular book ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary which has been passed down from thousands of years ago. The book categorizes seven types of dream that people usually have during sleep. With thousands of years of history, ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary has been popular in China as well as in the Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams in particular those unusual and weird. While some believe that the book shows people’s superstition, others believe that the objects or scenes that show up in dreams have close relationship with the dreamer’s health or mental status.

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