Deputy chief of navy: China will build more aircraft carriers which will be bigger

China’s first aircraft carrier: Liaoning

Xinhua Beijing, April 23 (Reporter CHEN Wan-jun, Wu Dengfeng) deputy chief of navy Song said on April 23 that the Chinese navy will have more than one aircraft carrier.

April 23 is the 64th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), 75 army officials from 64 countries around the world were invited to participate in the anniversary celebration. During the event, deputy chief of navy Song Xue, deputy, caption of Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, Zhang Zheng, answered the army officials’ questions in relate to the aircraft carrier construction and development issues.

Liaoning Aircraft Carrier under direct supervision of the Navy

Song Xue said that China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning is not part of the Navy’s three fleets, but under direct command and management by the Navy.

The aircraft carrier crew equipped capabilities of independent operation of weapons and equipments

Zhang Zheng said the Chinese aircraft carrier crew received professional institution training and training of the new equipments and on this basis the crew will carry out mission based military training. At present, the aircraft carrier crew are equipped with the capabilities of the independent operation of weapons.

China will have more than one aircraft carrier

Song Xue claimed that “According to the needs of safeguarding the national maritime rights and interests, we will determine the scale of the development of the aircraft carriers. We will have more than one carrier. But foreign reports saying that some Shanghai shipyard is building aircraft carrier is false.”

The next aircraft carrier will be bigger

Song Xue exposed that “Liaoning Aircraft Carrier has a load displacement of over 50,000 t, for the next aircraft carrier, we hope to have a larger one because it can carry more aircrafts and combat in enhanced effectiveness which will be our goal.”

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