Individual portfolio – Part 2: Personal Development Plan

Part 2 Personal Development Plan

In the following, I will present my personal development plan to better manage and prepare for my future career, which including five parts.

My current situation

Primarily speaking, it is necessary for me to have a relatively thorough self-evaluation to have a better understanding on my own strengths and weakness.

In the first place, my strength is that I have many years study and living experiences in South Korea, which endows me a relatively fluent Korean. And these experiences have largely improved my ability to adapt myself to different environment. For example, compared with other students, I may feel more comfortable and flexible to the life of studying overseas.

Secondly, I have to realize my weakness as well. I’m too introversive sometimes and lack of confidence, which makes my friends scope a little bit narrow.

Briefly speaking, with reference to both strength and weakness of myself, I have realized that it is important for me to develop more self confidence and courage. And I still need to shape a better personality to act more outgoing to make more friends, because all of these elements may contribute a lot to my future both as a college student but also as a working man.

My expectation

As the above self evaluation mentioned, I find out many aspects which require me to develop in the future.

At first, I want to be more confident when communicating with people regardless what the situation or which people I talk with. And I will be never afraid to show my idea freely in front of people especially in my future career.

Secondly, I plan to make full use of my studying and living experience in South Korea to assist my college life and my future career.

At last, I also plan to improve my comprehensive capability such as relationship management ability, communication ability and so on.


To achieve my expectations, I have made a development plan to assist myself.

At first, I plan to attend more public activities and school activities such as singing competition, speech competition and other activities to improve my confidence and remove my worries of speaking in front of people.

Secondly, I will attend some courses to learn more tips on how to communicate with people actively and freely to make myself more outgoing and confidence.

Thirdly, I will also do some part time jobs to make me more comfortable and feel free to communicate with people. For example, I will apply to the job as a part time teacher to teach Korean which may not only help me to gain more working experience but also help me too be more flexible when communicating with people.

All in all, I hope this personal development plan can help me to achieve my expectation.

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