Daimler Chrysler Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicles suspected of causing fetal malformations and cancer in China

Doctor said air pollution caused fetal malformations
On the morning of May 16, 15 Mercedes owners wearing masks filed collective complaints to the City Consumer Council in Shenzhen, claiming that the Mercedes-Benz vehicles generate toxic gas, which is seriously harmful to their health.

Mercedes-Benz owners Ms. Luo said: “I had been driving only the Mercedes car, when I was 6 months pregnant, the doctor said the baby was found fetal malformations, DNA and chromosome testing both showed that my husband and I are health. Then the doctor said that air pollution caused fetal malformations.”

According to Mercedes-Benz owners, “Our cars have very strong smell, if the cars are not used for frequently, you can’t sit inside immediately.” Most of them brought their cars from 2008 to 2012 in the “Shenzhen Yan Fu “and” Southern PengXing ” and many other Mercedes-Benz 4S shops, the car are basically the Beijing DaimlerChrysler’s Mercedes-Benz C-Class vehicles, in particular the C200 model. During the use, many owners found the car had strong smell which was far beyond the traditional “new car smell”, many owners were later found with lung infection, eye itching and redness, and even fetal malformations and cancer.

Earlier on March 18, the media exposed the use of toxic carcinogens in the Benz series cars, many people took the initiative to stop driving or driving with windows open. A third party testing entrusted by the car owners showed that the formaldehyde and total volatile organic compounds in the car were 50% and 85% more than the standards respectively, but the Mercedes-Benz dealer refused to acknowledge their cars had the issue of toxic gases.

The Consumer Council said it would file a complaint notice to Benz dealer, and invite the relevant law enforcement authorities to investigate the case.

Source: 中国经济网

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