Customer needs, wants and demands

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1.1     Customer needs, wants and demands


Need is a fundamental function of human beings, people need food, drink and recreation. Need is on other word a kind of status that people’s requirements are not satisfied. And wants are particular needs that point to specific products and services which could meet the particular needs. And demands are the wants for specific products backed by an ability to pay (Yuan 2008). The rationality here is simple. For example, everybody has a need to drink. Then people will naturally have wants for some products, say mineral water, Coca-cola. When people possess the buying power to buy the drinks that they want, until then the needs become demands, otherwise it still a want which so far could not be satisfied.


1.2     Need versus the want


1.2.1  Gatorade


As Gatorade is a sports drink brand, the want for Gatorade come from the needs of people to drink and avoid being thirsty, especially in cases of sporting games such as basketball, tennis and football. In 2008, Gatorade had become the official sports drink of Chelsea Football Club (Bowser 2007). Because Gatorade sport drinks provide necessary energy, minerals that meets the need of the body keeps the athletes performing at their peak, Gatorade has become a want for many people especially in case of playing all kind of games.


1.2.2  Nike Shoes


For example, the Nike basketball shoes are famous for its comfort and quality protection which thanks to its specially designed feet cushioning function. This cushioning system provides a strong protection against some possible injuries such as hard hit from high jump. So in this case, the Nike basketball shoes become a want for customers who have a need to get them protected and enjoy comfortable wearing experience. Because players and athletes have a need to protect their feet during all kind of sports that they play time to time, and on the other hand a series of Nike shoes offer just the needed protection service and comfortable wearing experience, then it become very understandable that Nike shoes are preferred by many people.


1.2.3  iPod

As mentioned above, recreation is a kind of basic needs of human beings. Below brief discussion will be stated to see how iPod become a want for customers to satisfy the need of recreation.


Above in the figure shows the iPod nano which is an important product in the iPod product line, besides iPod nana there are iPod shuffle, iPod shuffle, iPod classic and iPod touch. The iPod line provide functions such as vedio playing, FM radio, music, camera and internet connetctivity. And as a media player designed and marketed by Apple, one of the most eminent brands in the world, iPod provide at least two kind of satisfactions to the custermers’ need. The first is the recreation service which satisfy people’s need to enjoy and play, as mentioned above, iPod provides comprehensive, humanized and qulaity recreation services in people’s expectation. The second is the superior brand experience. People have a need to be better than others, this is one of the reason why people want to buy products under famous brands besides the quality product, and iPod provides just the brand experience for people in term of recreation.