CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine): Treatment of liver cancer

Liver cancer patients are usually discovered in the late stages. Surgical treatment can only deal with early liver cancer or partial liver cancer only, these patients accounted for only 5% to 10%of patients with liver cancer. But surgical resection can not solve the recurrent lesions in the liver or multicentric lesions, so the vast majority of patients with liver cancer tend to approach medication.
The basic principle of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of liver cancer is dialectical therapy. Chinese medicine dialectical theory targets at offering specific medication to particular liver cancer showing particular symptoms such as pain, fever, abdominal distension, ascites. CTM can effectively control the growth of tumors, non-toxic side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine is effective in the treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. It can be used as the middle and late stage of liver cancer. The Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as main treatment for patients with liver cancer, but also as adjuvant therapy to surgery, radiation, chemotherapy to improve efficacy, and reduce toxicity. It is conducive to the resection and postoperative recovery.

Source: China Daily

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