CTM (Chinese Traditional Medicine): Take a look at small nails, you will know the kidney health

In traditional Chinese medicine, kidney represents the storage of human energy, the liver represents the output of energy. Chinese medicine describes claw as origin of kidney and liver, which suggests that rich reserves ensure a steady stream of back-up supply.

If some white spots are found in the nails, it may mean that a lack of blood, and human bodies are unable to maintain normal peripheral microcirculation, which can be considered the performance of the kidney because the blood supply is reduced.

In particular, we need to focus on the hand, foot and little finger, little finger corresponds to the kidney, pale color with white patches in little fingers may prompt kidney deficiency which is often ignored.

According to the research announced earlier this year by World Health Organization, in 80% of the kidney deficiency cases white spots on the nails will be found in the early stage. In modern medicine, nails which are located at the end of the human body have a wealth of fine blood vessels and nerve endings, can be used to observe many diseases in the early stage.

Source: 健康时报(Health Times)

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