CPI rose by 2.1%, food prices rose by 3.2% in May in China

May CPI rose 2.1, food prices rose 3.2
CPI rose 2.1%, food prices rose 3.2% in May in China

In May 2013, the national consumer price index rose 2.1%. Among them, the city prices rose 2.1% rural prices rose by 2.2%; food prices rose 3.2 percent, non-food prices rose 1.6%; Consumer prices rose 1.8%, service prices rose 2.8%. On average (January-May), the overall level of consumer prices rose 2.4 percent over last year.

Compared to the same period last year, the national consumer price index decreased by 0.6%, among which the city prices fell by 0.6%, rural areas prices fell by 0.5%; food prices fell 1.6 percent, non-food prices fell 0.1%; consumer prices fell 0.8 percent, the service prices were flat.

Source: National Bureau of Statistics website, nbd.com.cn

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