Confirmed false news: Ta Kung Pao’s report about “Xi Jinping’s taking a taxi”

According to the Xinhuanet new release on April 18, the Hong Kong news paper Ta Kung Pao’s published new “A Beijing taxi driver story: the General Secretary Xi sitting in my taxi” is verified to be false news.

The Ta Kung Pao soon responded that “We are deeply sorry with extreme regret about this false news. Due to our mistakes, a major false news was published. We sincerely apologize to the readers. We will take this as a warning, and continue to contribute to the public with accurate and precise news reports.”

Editor’s note: “A Beijing taxi driver story: the General Secretary Xi sitting in my taxi” after publishing has attracted wide concern among the people raising about wide discussion, after the verification as false news, many people said that they felt being fooled. Some suggested that there should be a penalty system to regulate such false new release by the media with influential social impacts.

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