Compere Mengfei’s wife exposed: Sweet and beautiful

From the news program “Nanjing Zero” to “You Are the One”, Meng Fei (孟非) has become a national celebrity in China step by step from a local host. Recently, the well-known blogger Nan Tang Yi Shao exposed Mengfei’s wife who has kept low key despite her husband’s fame.


Mengfei’s wife

Mengfei’s wife and daughter look like sisters

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1 thought on “Compere Mengfei’s wife exposed: Sweet and beautiful”

  1. Wonderful man and what a beautiful daughter very disturbed about the girls on if you are the one. It would not wash in Australia where as all the girls are only interested in money in China they are so rude to the candidates when they themselves are left wanting. If I were these guys I would be running for the hills jo

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