Coca-Cola issued a statement: 25 kg affected dairy products have been used in the production of Minute Maid Dairy, will initiate a recall


Coca-Cola Greater China yesterday afternoon issued a statement claiming that: After the company received notice from Fonterra, we immediately worked with the relevant departments and launched a comprehensive investigation. It has been identified that according to batch list provided by Fonterra, 4,775 kg out of the 4,800 kg related raw materials have been safely quarantined immediately, and the remaining 25 kg have been used in the production of individual batches of Minute Maid Excellent Milk (美汁源果粒奶优).

Due to the use of ultra-high temperature sterilization process and the inhibition of acidic beverages in our production, domestic and foreign scientific experts as well as our researchers agreed that the relevant batch of beverage products are safe.

In addition, the company will actively cooperate with relevant departments in respect of actions taken in this event. The company is now retrieving the shipping records of the affected products, and they will be recalled. The company will strengthen supervision of Fonterra to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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